Beluga whales

Beluga whales are majestic, sociable creatures that patrol Arctic and sub-Arctic waters above the 50th parallel. Northern Manitoba’s Hudson Bay coastline is home to the world’s largest population of beluga whales. More than 57,000 beluga whales gather in the region between mid-June to mid-September.

Kayaking with the belugas in Churchill, Manitoba, Canada.

Nicknamed “sea canaries” for their strange high-pitched whistles, clicking, chirping and other underwater vocalizations, beluga whales inhabit the warmer waters of the Churchill River after the ice breaks up. These playful whales have few natural predators, and populations are relatively stable – only the orca and the polar bear are natural predators.

Hop aboard a zodiac or large passenger boat to watch these intelligent and curious creatures. Listen in on the whales’ conversation using hydrophones and try to figure out what they are saying. If you’re more adventurous, venture out on (or in) the water – kayaking or snorkeling with these friendly sea mammals is an unforgettable experience.

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