Bird watching

The Churchill area is a world-renowned hotspot for birding opportunities. In spring and fall, birders flock here to see the 250+ species of birds that nest or pass through Churchill on their annual migrations.

Bird watching on the tundra in northern Manitoba, Canada.

Tundra and taiga provide habitat for native birds, including a large variety of hawks and falcons like the Gyrfalcon and Peregrine Falcon. Snowy Owls are common, as are Tundra Swans, terns and gulls. Avid birders search for Harlequin Ducks and the rare Ross’s Gull for the potential sighting of a lifetime.

The Ptarmigan is barely visible against the snow covered landscape near Hudson Bay in Churchill, Manitoba, Canada.

Bird Cove, located on the coast about 16 km east of Churchill, provides an excellent location for bird watching. Another popular spot is Akudlik Marsh, located 4 km south of Churchill. The marsh is a nesting area of Ross’s Gull, Little Gull and Rock Wren, among many others. A RBA (Rare Bird Alert) board at Akudlik is updated daily throughout the season.

The Ross’s Gull is a bird of the Arctic pack-ice and tundra. The discovery of it nesting in Churchill brings birders from around the world.

Check out Granary Ponds for another excellent bird-watching site easily reachable by vehicle or on foot. Located near the grain elevators, this shallow series of ponds is a favourite feeding place for gulls, terns, shorebirds and waterfowl.

Of special note – it was at this spot on June 10, 1979, that the Ross’s Gull, perhaps the most sought after species on birders’ lists in Churchill, was first sighted.

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Feeding a Gray Jay (or Canada Jay or Whiskey Jack) in Churchill, Manitoba, Canada.

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