Dog sledding

Mush! Feel the exhilaration of flying across the tundra on a dog sledding adventure you’ll never forget. Snuggle in for the ride or grab the reins, either way the energy of a team of friendly dogs is contagious.

On the trail with the dogs in Churchill, Manitoba, Canada.

Breathe in the crisp, fresh air and delight in the crunch of the pure white snow. Get to know the dogs, who each have a distinct personality, but share one thing in common – a love for racing across the open terrain!

Today, there may be better ways to get around, but dog sledding offers an authentic experience that reflects the culture and history of Manitoba’s north. From fur traders to mail carriers, the dog sled was the most convenient way to travel across the snow, and still is for many locals.

If you visit Churchill during the warmer months, you can still experience the thrill of dog sledding – a cart with wheels replaces the sled. See the landscape bursting with life and the colour of thousands of blooming wildflowers.

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