How to get to Churchill

There are no roads into Churchill, so your primary transporation is via air or rail.


Air service to Churchill is available year-round. Here are available airlines that fly to Churchill:

  • Calm Air International LP – (800) 839-2256

For fall trips, book your travel well in advance of departure date to ensure a space. A flight from Winnipeg is approximately two hours long.

For local air charters in Churchill:

  • Hudson Bay Helicopters – (204) 675-2576


The Via Rail Canada train departs Union Station in Winnipeg for Churchill every Sunday and Tuesday morning at 9:00 a.m. The train arrives and departs Churchill every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

The train ride is approximately 48 hours long.


There are no roads to Churchill but you can drive to Thompson and then fly or hop aboard the train. Get directions to Thompson.

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